3/8-16 x 2.1/2 inch UNC Cap Head Screws (ANSI B18.3) - Stainless Steel (A2)


Key Features

  • 3 Year Extended Warranty.
  • Free Technical Support From Our Engineers.
  • A2 Stainless Steel, also known as 18-8 or 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Thread Size (T): 3/8-16 UNC
  • Length (L): 2.1/2 inch
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3/8-16 x 2.1/2 inch UNC Cap Head Screws (ANSI B18.3) - Stainless Steel (A2) Technical Specification

3/8-16 x 2.1/2 inch UNC Cap Head Screws (ANSI B18.3) - Stainless Steel (A2) Drawing
Diamètre de la tête (D)0.562 inch
entièrement filetéNo
Filetage Emplacement16 TPI
Hexagon A / F (J)5/16 inch
Hexagon Profondeur (P)0.182 inch
Longueur (L)2.1/2 inch
Longueur de filetage (Max)1.25 - 1.94 inch
Longueur de la tête (H)0.375 inch
MatérielStainless Steel (A2)
norme de fabricationANSI B18.3
Spécifications des matériauxStainless Steel (A2)
Taille de fil (T)3/8-16 UNC
Tolérances générales+/- 0.13mm

Product Certifications

Certificate of Conformity Included
Certificate of Conformity Included
RoHS Certified
RoHS Certified
REACH Certified
REACH Certified
Quality Approved

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3/8-16 x 2.1/2 inch UNC Cap Head Screws (ANSI B18.3) - Stainless Steel (A2) Description

The 3/8-16 x 2.1/2 inch UNC Cap Head Screws (ANSI B18.3) - Stainless Steel (A2) has the following features:

  • 3/8-16 UNC Thread Size (T)
  • 0.375 inch Head Length (H)
  • 0.182 inch Hexagon Depth (P)
  • ANSI B18.3 Manufacturing Standard
  • 2.1/2 inch Length (L)
  • 5/16 inch Hexagon A/F (J)
  • +/- 0.13mm General Tolerances
  • No Fully Threaded
  • Stainless Steel (A2) Material
  • Stainless Steel (A2) Material Specification
  • 16 TPI Screw Thread Pitch
  • Natural Finish
  • 0.562 inch Head Diameter (D)
  • 1.25 - 1.94 inch Thread Length (Max)

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Les vis à tête cylindrique à douille impériale sont dotées d'une grande tête cylindrique et d'un entraînement à douille hexagonale, ce qui les rend idéales pour une utilisation avec la gamme de clés Allen ou embouts d'entraînement à douille d'Accu. Les vis à tête cylindrique à douille impériale sont l'équivalent impérial de la gamme standard de vis à tête cylindriqued'Accu.

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Shipping Destinations:Worldwide.
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Weight Band (100 items):Between 1kg and 5kg. Add to cart to calculate exact weights.

Component History

Product First Available:Sunday, June 28, 2015
Stock Last Updated:09:37 pm
Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Specification Last Updated:Tuesday, January 18, 2022

APC / Barcodes

APC (Accu Product Code):SSC-3/8-16-2.1/2-A2
EAN13 (International Article No.):5054328136397
ASIN (Amazon Stock Identification No.):ASIN not defined.