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27.7mm x 24.5mm Tapered Plugs - Blue LDPE
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27.7mm x 24.5mm Tapered Plugs - Blue LDPE


Key Features

  • Maximum Outside Diameter (d2): 27.7mm
  • Minimum Outside Diameter (d1): 24.5mm
  • Maximum Inside Diameter (d3): 26mm
  • Minimum Inside Diameter (d4): 22.9mm
  • Material: LDPE
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27.7mm x 24.5mm Tapered Plugs - Blue LDPE Technical Specification

27.7mm x 24.5mm Tapered Plugs - Blue LDPE Drawing
Gesamtdurchmesser (D)31.8mm
Height Under Flange (h)19.1mm
MaterialspezifikationLow Density Polyethylene
Maximum Inside Diameter (d3)26mm
Maximum Outside Diameter (d2)27.7mm
Minimum Inside Diameter (d4)22.9mm
Minimum Outside Diameter (d1)24.5mm

Product Certifications

Certificate of Conformity Included
Certificate of Conformity Included
RoHS Certified
RoHS Certified
REACH Certified
REACH Certified
Quality Approved

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27.7mm x 24.5mm Tapered Plugs - Blue LDPE Description

The 27.7mm x 24.5mm Tapered Plugs - Blue LDPE has the following features:

  • LDPE Material
  • Low Density Polyethylene Material Specification
  • Blue Finish
  • 31.8mm Overall Diameter (D)
  • 19.1mm Height Under Flange (h)
  • 27.7mm Maximum Outside Diameter (d2)
  • 24.5mm Minimum Outside Diameter (d1)
  • 26mm Maximum Inside Diameter (d3)
  • 22.9mm Minimum Inside Diameter (d4)

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Tapered Plugs sind eine Art von Kappe und Stecker in der umfangreichen Palette von Accu Rohrstopfen.


Blaues LDPE

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Product First Available:Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Stock Last Updated:02:37 pm
Thursday, December 9, 2021
Specification Last Updated:Thursday, December 9, 2021

APC / Barcodes

APC (Accu Product Code):HTPBS-27.7-24.5-LDPE-B
EAN13 (International Article No.):5057195779179
ASIN (Amazon Stock Identification No.):ASIN not defined.