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Standardised Components.

Available from stock or on a short lead-times, our pre-verified components offer excellent precision and reliability, and are cost effective building blocks for our additional services. Our in-house engineers have full training on all of our standard components, and can offer a high level of engineering and application advice to ensure perfect integration within the end application.

Component Modification.

Our Customer's applications vary in size, functionality and complexity. Although we can't always offer the exact component from stock, we can often modify an existing standard product on a short lead-time to provide a rapid turn-around solution. Standard component modifications satisfy the design criteria without the additional time and costs involved with developing a new product.

Product Design.

For applications outside the scope of our standard component range, a product design consultation with our in-house engineers can offer an insight into the knowledge and experience of our team. Our engineers have experience offering 'small space envelope' design, and can help to avoid errors during the design process that can have costly implications during manufacturing.

Rapid Prototype Manufacture.

Utilising modern technologies, including state of the art 3D printing and UK based manufacturing facilities, our team can go from design, to proven prototype in under 10 working days. Using rapid prototypes to provide hands-on application testing allows for a collaborative effort to identify and resolve any unforeseen design issues in a fast, low cost environment.

Quality, Testing and Verification.

Being able to inspect and test components to the same micron levels that we manufacture is critical to our services. Accu’s combination of highly qualified engineers, internal knowledge, and specialist partners allows us to provide a full array of industry leading inspection and testing. All of our procedures are completed in accordance with major governing bodies to ensure superior quality.

Production Scale Manufacture.

Our global network of manufacturing partners can offer small quantity manufacture (100-200 pieces) to large scale production (100,000+ pieces). With priority access to hundreds of highly calibrated plants and machinery, large scale manufacture can be completed in full, even where projects dictate tight time constraints.

Mehr Informationen

Accu haben viele Jahre damit verbracht, arbeiten maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für Ingenieure zu schaffen, aus der ganzen Welt. Wir haben bei der Erstellung individueller Hochpräzisionskomponenten für unsere Kunden eine Fülle von Erfahrungen erworben.

MADE von ACCU ist eine Premium - Produktion Service, der Vorteil unserer umfangreichen Fertigungsverbund nimmt. Wir können den Zugriff auf eine Reihe von engagierten Fertigung bieten unseren etablierten globalen Lieferkette facilitieswithin und bieten eine ideale Lösung für Ihre technischen Anforderungen.

Weallow unsere Kunden ihre Entwürfe in die Cloud zu unterbreiten, die dann analysedthrough ourmanufacturing Netzwerk sind, die hochpräzise Bearbeitungsprozesse verwenden Ihre Entwürfe in maßgeschneiderte, qualitativ hochwertige Komponenten zu machen.

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